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Learn why it is cheaper and more convenient to shop for designer clothes online! What we say at is simple; Do you know what size clothing you were? If yes, then all you need to do is browse, add to cart and checkout. One of the biggest problems for new designer clothes shoppers is when they get the wrong size; you may have to pay extra for returning the product hence costing time and money.

Occasionally it is also good to know the fabrics (i.e. cotton, polyester) and the style (i.e. medium, slim) you want. Once you have this information it becomes very easy and more affordable to shop online. Why? Simply because having an online store for designer clothes cuts out all the major expenses involved in running an offline shop where you will thing like business rates, utility bills and overhead expenses and so on.

Designer Clothes made affordable

While you are getting the exact same product you would when walking into any top designer clothes shop, the only difference you will notice is the price. At we pass on the savings to our customer making our product cheaper.

Online Designer Clothes Shoppers V Offline

In our recent survey we asked 50 people who shopped off line and asked them how much they spent in the last year 2013. On average the 50 people spent £592.20. On the other hand when we averaged the total of the 50 people shopping online there was a significant amount reduced with only £289.90. All our 100 members did only buy branded clothes. In fact you can save up to a massive 60% if you choose to do your shopping a little more careful.

Designer Clothes have become increasingly popular with many people choosing to buy their clothes shopping online. Give a try and see why we have many repeat customers shopping with us season after season. As well as helping you get your designer clothes cheaper online we also help certain charities. We believe this to be greatly beneficial and help to establish brand awareness.

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We are not saying that we are Robin Hood! We are saying that we try to make small changes that benefit us, our customers and the charities we work with.